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China Tower 2017: Jump out of the communication circle to create a social tower

By the end of 2017, the number of towers in China reached 1.9 million (the number of towers in the United States was only 46,000 in the same period), fulfilling the requirements of the 4G network construction of the three major operators, achieving resource contribution and saving significant construction costs . What is worth mentioning is that in 2017, China Tower not only completed the resource sharing in the industry, but also stepped out of the communication circle and put forward the concept of the social tower to achieve cross-industry resource sharing.
The social tower made China Tower not only practice its original intention of reducing resources and increasing efficiency when it was established, but also pushed this concept to the whole society and created greater value for the society.
Since its inception in 2014, China Tower has to build and share, reduce costs and increase efficiency as their responsibility. In the past three years, China Tower has been steeped forward and willing to be bullied. At present, China's iron tower has invested over 100 billion yuan in total, completing 1.584 million tower projects (70% in rural areas and townships) and the construction volume is equivalent to the total amount of stock towers received from three operators.
In addition, China Tower also built 1100 km of high-speed rail public network coverage, 1,600 kilometers of subway public network coverage. The new sharing rate increased from 14.3% to 72%, equivalent to less built 568,000 new base stations, for social resource conservation, improve the effectiveness of operators is obvious.
In particular, it is worth mentioning that the construction and sharing of China Telecom, China Unicom 4G network coverage rapidly improved to meet the social demand for a high-speed network.
In a substantial reduction in network construction spending under the premise of China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile 4G two base stations the number of gaps from nearly 900,000 stations reduced to 200,000 or so. Data show that China Unicom, China Telecom shared the number of towers is more than 90%.
At the same time, with the commercialization of 5G, China Tower is also actively constructing 5G for service. For example, it signed strategic agreements with Heilongjiang and Hainan provinces to pave the way for 5G construction.
Put forward the concept of social tower for the community to create greater value
Although the establishment of the China Tower saved a lot of industry costs, it would undoubtedly double the investment of the Tower Company if it had been the mode of building tower leases to operators. It would also make the pressure and burden on the three operators more and more The bigger Only by changing this status quo can the sound development of China's iron tower be achieved and the pressure of the three major operators can be greatly reduced. For example, China Tower has used social resources to meet the needs of more than 10,000 telecom companies.
At the same time, the promotion and sharing of tower model to other industries is also conducive to saving the entire social resources, to achieve the entire community resource sharing.
For example, the Tianjin Tower has more than 5,000 newly-built sites, an increase of 60% over three years ago. The share of sharing rates ranks second in the country, up 70% from three years ago. And provides an "open burning overhead video surveillance system" solution. The Tianjin Tower actively cooperated with all counties and counties involved in farming, and mounted more than 600 cameras on the tower to save billions of yuan in investment costs for poles and lead wires, effectively supporting the Tianjin "Battle of the Blue Sky."
Jiangxi Tower has cooperated with the forestry, public security, non-commissioned, air traffic control, maritime and electric power units in the province to provide nearly 500 service stations in various industries and save a total investment of nearly 80 million yuan in the social sector.
Guangdong Tower shared about 5,000 foreign. Data show that base stations in Guangdong Province to reduce the 27,600 new towers, saving 6 billion yuan investment, saving 830,000 square meters of land, saving 734 million kWh / year.

In addition, China Tower Corporation also actively cooperates with various industries to include advantageous partner resources, share social resources and achieve profit growth. Fronttech is fortunate to be a partner of China Tower to provide specialized solutions and technical support for its environmental applications.



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