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FRT DT60 datalogger

FRT DT60 datalogger


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Product Overview:
FRT DT60 data logger is a multi-functional integrated data taker; interior design program for multiple sensor parameters; reserved for a variety of industrial interface, easy to expand; Keyboard and Lcd display contained.
Product Features:
※ 24 bit high-precision A/D converter.
※ High-precision real-time clock; 5s/per month.
※ Keyboard and Lcd display support
※ 512M industrial grade flash memory(1536M Max), support power-down protection.
※ Support 8G to 16G industrial grade SD memory card.
※ 2 RS232 interface, 1 RS485 interface, 8-channel analog channels, 12 digital channels.
※ Monitoring: the motherboard temperature measurements, the working voltage monitoring, communication port monitoring, SD card status monitoring.
※ GPRS support(Option).
Analog channels 24 differential channels, the acquisition voltage or current signal.
PT100  channels Can be collected 16 hannels of platinum resistance signal for temperature measurement.
Digital input and output channels 6 TTL / CMOS digital input channels, can be used as a level, pulse input or low-speed counters; 4 digital output channels.
Relay Output 1 Relay Output .
communication interface 2 RS232 ports , 1 RS485 port, Lan, GPRS, 3G
Storage 512M industrial grade flash memory, scalable 8G-16G SD memory card.
Real-time clock Industrial-grade high-precision real-time calendar clock.
Supply voltage DC 9V-30V input.
Power consumption 1W.(Including the wireless power consumption)
Work environment Temp :– 45 ~ +70  °C , Humidity : 0 ~ 100%RH


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