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Due to product failure to bring you the trouble, we express our deep sorry.


For the equipment to be returned for repair, please do the following:

1, Firstly, Please check the contract and warranty card, determine whether the device within the warranty period, subsequent  

    contact with our after-sales service department,The number is +86-10-62698418-605

2, Make sure that the external power supply is powered off and remove the faulty device with a camera or recording the recording

   device is connected situation, taking care to avoid short-circuit.

3, With the sturdy packaging products mailed to the address below:

   Fronttech (Beijing) Limited

   8B21 Huajie Building,No.13,Dazhongsi,Haidian District,Beijing,China  PostNum:100078

   After-sales Dept    Tel:010-62698418-605

4, When we received returned to the manufacturer pieces, testing, commissioning, maintenance, accounting maintenance costs 

   (outside the warranty period, the warranty period, the equipment free maintenance), non-maintenance, to make proposals for 

   change, by mutual written confirmation financial settlement, I carry out maintenance work. Repair has been completed, we will

   reply to the customer.

5, Customers get repair parts reference to the scene to take photos or wiring diagram restore your settings and test equipment 

    in support of our service engineers to normal.


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