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Smart Road Lighting   Integrated environment monitor can directly install the cloth on the pole, meteorological and environmental data collection and implementation of city departments, release, real-time understanding of road air condition, can release advertising to remind, as an important part of intelligent street lamp.
Smart Park   The park is a public place for people to rest and rest, the environmental quality of the park directly affects the subjective enthusiasm of the residents. Environmental monitor can be located in the park, real-time data will be sent to the park outside the network platform, so that the masses can be the first time that the garden environment, for the next step to make a fitness program decisions.
Samrt Industrial park   There are many kinds of enterprises in the park, and there are many chemical factories, logistics parks, administrative committees and residential areas. Among them, there are many hidden dangers, such as toxic gas leakage and fire. In order to strengthen safety education and protection measures, environmental monitoring and intervention should be strengthened.
Smart Building  

We have jointly launched the Honeywell in the application of intelligent building in the multi factor sensor,Can be used to monitor the ventilation pipe, indoor temperature, indoor PM2.5 particle size, etc.This will contribute to the late completion of green building, and become an indispensable configuration.

Smart Community   Smart home is the rapid development of the industry in recent years, belongs to the category of things, in the new community and improve the old community facilities, can be combined with the characteristics of the community sentinel environmental monitoring. Within the community through the network, mobile phone APP real-time informed neighborhood environment


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